Another Day, Inc. is a family-owned agency that provides services to hundreds of eligible children and adults throughout the states of Kansas and Missouri through qualified, compassionate care providers.







Our Mission:

Another Day, Inc. is dedicated to serve people in need of support and assistance in order to enhance their quality of life by promoting independence, education and participation in all aspects of the community.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to assist exceptional individuals with behavioral, developmental and/or emotional disabilities reach their fullest potential by providing support, friendship and respect.

What We Do for You:

Another Day, Inc. works with consumers and their families to find qualified, compassionate care providers when needed. We serve as a liaison between consumers, families, care providers, and Community Developmental Disabilities Organizations (CDDO) in Kansas and the Regional Offices in Missouri. We also have several qualified consultants on staff who provide private counseling, assessment and consulting services as needed.